Personalised Luxury Retreat in Ubud

Personalised Luxury Retreat in Ubud

We are dedicated to creating a luxury retreat in Ubud for everyone, whether you want to heal your soul, let go, or simply just to relax. It doesn't matter what you have been; what matter is the person you are becoming. Come as you are, feel the embrace of a safe space to grow, awaken your hidden potential, and be reborn after for a new beginning. Welcome to a luxury retreat in Ubud, unlike any other.



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Authentic Balinese Healing

Balinese people believe the principle of Sekala-Niskala that we live equally in two worlds, the seen called Sekala, and the unseen called Niskala. At Nyuh Bali, we embrace the goodness of authentic Balinese healing to cleanse the negative energy in the unseen world. Combined with these traditional therapies are holistic healing modalities like nutritious foods, yoga, and massage for life invigoration
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Holistic Balancing Retreat

When was the last time you felt truly balanced? Do you always live in a fast-paced? This holistic retreat is designed to rebalance your body & mind from the stress of a modern lifestyle. During the retreat, you will experience reiki healing, private sound healing, shirodara treatment, and private yoga. Start your balancing retreat to allow our body to release the emotional blockage to live more mindfully
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New Beginning

When life seems doesn't favor you, most people can't stop blaming themselves and end up feeling worthless. We design the comprehensive retreat to reset through encouragement to love yourself again. You will be guided by a certified psychologist in the intimate session to detach from what does not serve you anymore. Embrace the life change by transforming into healthy lifestyle through healthy cooking class, private yoga class, spa treatment and flower bath
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Couple’s Retreat

Strengthen your relationship and reignite your passion with our specially designed retreat for couples. Pamper yourself and your love to reconnect with one another. Get ready to lose together in an everlasting romance and be more mindful in the relationship afterwards.
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