Melukat – Balinese Purification Ceremony

Derived from lukat, which means purify, Melukat aims to refine mind inside human body from the bad elements. This ceremony is mostly held after bad things happened to someone, like they got sick, had been in an accident, or merely feel restless. Balinese do believe the power of water, which is a crucial element in Balinese ceremony either as a blessing or as cleansing our negative energy.

The day begins with a one-hour Balinese massage at our Mahamaya Spa to relax your body. While you are being changed into the ceremonial Balinese Attire, the offerings will be prepared. Melukat will be held in Tirta Empul that well known as one of the top destination for melukat that provide the holy water. The purification will be conducted by the local priest, known as pemangku that leads the ritual and gives the holy water to clean the hands, feet, face, and mouth three times, followed by some prayers.

During the ritual, the priest will recite a lot of Balinese prayers but don’t worry; you will not get lost in translation as a butler will be at your side. He will explain to you the meaning of each step of the ritual as well as guide you throughout the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the Pemangku will tie a bracelet made of tricolor string called a benang tridatu around your wrist. The red, white, and black colored string represents the Hindu Trinity Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva). It is believed that this string will protect one from bad energy as you are under the constant protection of the Gods. Don’t take off the bracelet, just wear it until it falls off your wrist on its own

The duration of the ceremony is approximately 1 hour, followed by planting a tree in our garden to memorialize the event. Finish this unforgettable day with a Balinese Candle Light dinner at your villa or our romantic venue. Come experience Bali’s rich heritage and profound culture

Inclusions :

  • One hour signature Balinese Massage at Our Mahamaya SPA
  • Balinese Traditional Dress
  • Balinese Hindu Blesseing Ceremony
  • Local Priest
  • Dedicated butler as your private guide
  • Transfer to the Temple by private transport
  • Planting tree
  • Candle Light dinner with balinese cuisine and romantic decoration

Price at IDR 3.000.000 ++/couple