Daily Authentic Balinese Class

Every day from 03.00 PM

Instead of just giving information in the picture, nyuh bali presents a wealth of activities that reflect the heritage traditions of a Balinese village. We invite you to experience how becoming a Balinese.


Making Offering

Discover how to make the canang sari, daily offering that made from young coconut leaves, and flowers. The handmade offerings are a sacred form of gratitude for what is and a wish for peace in the world. We praise to the God, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa through this offering in every morning, surely you also can join with us.

Gamelan Class

For the art lover, you may be interested in learning Balinese dance or gamelan, a Balinese musical instrument that essential for Balinese ceremonies.

The Secret of Balinese Seasoning

If you wonder how to make Balinese seasoning, we are more than happy to share the secret. Some boiled potatoes are provided so that you can taste the result of your own creation directly

Jamu Inspired Mixology Class

Jamu is a traditional tonic drink that made from plant food, seeds, leaves, and sometimes fruits. Indonesia is rich with herbs and treasured spices; our ancestors used Jamu to cure the disease. In today’s world, modern medicine found that many herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon can boost our immune system and have a role as an anti-inflammatory. Join this class to learn more about these natural goodies.

Boreh – Balinese Body Scrub

Balinese boreh is a centuries-old healing recipe of herbs and spices used as Tiger Balm body scrub or mask. In the past, Balinese people used this remedies to relieve muscle tension after work. It helps to keep our body warm, no surprised, it is still used as complementary medicine to reduce common cold in Bali. During the class, we will show you how to prepare the boreh, and you can make your own too.

Introduction Class to Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is one such exciting dance form. It is famous all over the world for its elegance, dynamism, and uniqueness. Learn the basic of the Balinese Dance with us.

All class is complimentary. Please ask your butler for the class’s schedule