Sound Healing

Sound is known as one of the most natural forms of healing known to mankind and has long been realized to promote much deeper than just relaxation, like releasing emotional blockage, reducing stress, improving sleep, and inducing higher states of consciousness. The session will begin with a foot ritual followed by short consultation with our healing practitioner to understand your concern and deliver personalized therapy.. After that, simply lie down and close your eyes to receive the sounds in the private healing journey through the Tibetan singing bowl and various instruments. If you wish, our practitioner will place a singing bowl on your body for a deeper healing benefit.
The public class will be held in our rooftop yoga shala on Thursday and Saturday from 17.00 - 18.00 exclusively for our in-house guests. For a more tailored experience, we suggest you to book the private session.

Private Sound Healing
The whole session will be 75 minutes and consists of :
- Foot Ritual
- Consultation with Practitioner
- Sound Healing Session
- Ginger Tea with Lemongrass
Available at IDR 950.000++ for a private session

Due to limited availability, we apologize that the Sound Healing is only exclusively available for our in-house guests. Please book one week in advance to retreat@ubudnyuhbali.com

Meet our Teacher

From an early age, Jane was captivated by the power of sound and its ability to evoke emotions, and create harmony. While attending one of the yoga festivals, she stumbled upon a sound bath session and was attracted by the transformative power of the experience. Intrigued and inspired, she dug deeper into the world of sound healing by enrolling in courses and attending workshops. As the years went by, Jane’s journey as a sound therapist flourished. Her sessions have touched a lot of individuals, helping them find peace, reduce stress, and promote well-being through the power of sound. Becoming a sound therapist allows her to share her passion for music and sound while making a positive impact on the lives of others.