Top Bali Travel Tips

“Bali is always a good idea”, they said. Have you planned your escape to Bali? Before going to Bali,  herewith we write Ten Essential Tips for Bali Vacation for your information

  1. Please ensureyour passport is valid for six months upon entry into Indonesia.
  2. Money matters: The rupiah is the basic unit of money in Bali. Foreign currency and the traveler’s checks is best exchanged at the major banks or authorized money changers. The most important thing , kindly remember to count your money before you leave the place and bring your own calculator.
  3. Credit cards and charge cards: Nowdays, many hotels,  large shops and restaurant in bali accept payment by credit card with 3% additional charge. However, when traveling to the village or shopping in the traditional market, take rupiah with you. At Nyuh Bali Villas, you can pay your bills freely by credit card without any additional cost. 
  4. Make sure you either have personal insurance or travel insurance that will cover in any accidents. All of nyuh bali villa’s cars are covered by insurance for your safety.
  5. Going to Bali, dress casually. Take light clothes, as the weather is warm-to-hot throughout the year.

nyuh bali villas - bali is always good idea

  1. When visiting a temple or attending ceremonies, make it a point to respect local customs and traditions. Always wear a sarong and sash. Do not walk in front of people praying. Do not use a flash camera or point your camera to the priest’s face. Do not  step the offerings in the street (walk around them). Women are not allowed to enter temples during menstruation.
  2. Do not consume and sell drugs.
  3. Do not swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach, current/undertows can be very strong.
  4. Always pay attention with your health during vacation. Drink only mineral water, or water that has been boiled and eat a lot of fresh fruits – Nyuh Bali Villas provide fresh seasonal fruits upon arrival and you can order complimentary fresh juice or fruits at your breakfast time. So no need to worry, 

We do hope the above  informations will be useful as your travel guidance especially for you who visit Bali for the first time. Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us anytime through See you in Bali!