You do not need to be flexible to do yoga, yoga itself is flexible

Daily Complimentary Yoga Class

Practice the yoga and learn techniques to harmonize your body and soul through posture, breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Come and join our yoga class (07.00 - 08.00 AM) that designed exclusively only for Nyuh Bali’s guest to respect your privacy. The friendly instructor will guide you to discover your potential no matter you are a beginner or advanced. All the teachers have a license to ensure you get benefits from every pose you do.

Private Yoga Class

It is an ideal way to cater all aspect of your health and wellness. The private class will pay attention to your personal needs and objectives. Please feel free to tell the teacher if you have scoliosis, herniated disc, or other spine disorder as they will be pleased to design a program precisely to avoid further injuries to your body.  The class will lead you to a better understanding of your body structure, posture and function with the result of a more fluid yoga practice. Couple yoga class is also available to strengthen your relationship.

Available at 500.000 ++ for up to 2 people in private session.