Holistic Chakra Balancing

                                   Holistic Chakra Balancing

The word Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that means “spinning wheel.” The human body is believed to have seven Chakras, and each of them has a specific function for certain behaviors to keep a balanced life. Although chakras are invisible to the human eye, they can be perceived intuitively.

What’s the purpose of chakra balancing?
The healing session helps to release the negative energy and remove blocks to clarity,calm, and self-love for a well-balanced life.

Who needs the chakra healing?
If energy is blocked in one of the chakras due to environmental stress or bad habits, it will cause physical and mental imbalances. If you often feel anxiety, overthinking, easily agitated, or even sadness, you will get benefit by having chakra balancing session.
How can balancing the chakras help, and what is it? 
This spiritual journey welcomes you with a foot ritual by soaking and massaging your foot with our spa therapist in a flower-filled flower bath. The healer then will meet you privately for spiritual consultation to know your problem and what things may hold you back. Before the healing session, the healer will do praying to ask permission from the Universe. The healer will then ring the singing bowl and guide you to do chakra meditation. As you lay and fell into a sublime relaxation, the healer will identify your blocked chakra , and uses light touch and sacred mantra to clear and reactivate the unblocked chakra. This entire ritual will facilitate the awakening and balancing of each of your seven chakras. Welcome the new beginning and energize yourself even more by enjoying the herbal bath prepared using the goodness of Balinese herbs.

How long is the session? 
The whole session will be 150 minutes and consists of :
- 30-minute foot massage
- 90 minutes chakra healing session
- 30-minute herbal bath with
- Personal Healing Juice for your Chakra
Available at IDR 1.790.000++ for a private session

Due to limited availability, we apologize that the Holistic Chakra Balancing is only exclusively available for our in-house guests from May 2023. Please book one week in advance to reservation@ubudnyuhbali.com