Luxury Retreat in Ubud

Yoga Class

Gift yourself a relaxing yoga flow that will re-energize and wake up your entire body. Our yoga class is designed to be suitable for everyone from beginners to intermediate, no matter your fitness level. You will be guided step by step with our certified yoga teacher to do yoga pose in the correct alignment. And not only that, we also will help you to create a deeper connection between the breath and the movement. Available daily as complimentary

Free Access to Our Home Gym

Opening Hours: 7.00 AM – 9.00 PM. Here at Nyuh Bali, we understand your regular workout cannot be put on standby just because you are away from home. We have created a home gym to keep you in shape during the holiday.

Sound Healing Guided Meditation

Learn to let go is the key of happiness; - Buddha. Join our meditation class to relax your mind and appreciate the present moment to achieve mental peace and tranquillity. Our healing practitioner uses different sound vibrations to help unblock the unexpressed emotion and let go of the negative energy. This guided meditation class is suitable for beginners who still struggle to concentrate on their thoughts to increase awareness. Available weekly as complimentary from July 2023


How we breathe describes how we live. Breathwork exercise using various breathing techniques to relieve anxiety and reduce stress in your body. It also provides an opportunity for stored negative emotions to surface and be released as we exhale. It is also known as a more accessible alternative of meditation to achieve inner peace and better life quality. Available weekly as complimentary from July 2023

Yoga for Our Chakra

Inspired by the harmony of chakra, this yoga practice will be focused on specific asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation to keep the balance of our chakra for a happy life. If you have a specific problem, like being overworried, anxious, or easily agitated, we suggest you take the private holistic chakra balancing session first for optimum result. Available weekly as complimentary from July 2023

Holistic Chakra Balancing

The human body is believed to have seven Chakras, and each of them has a specific function to keep a balanced life. If one chakra is blocked, it will cause physical and mental imbalances leading to anxiety, overthinking, or even sadness. The healing session helps to release the negative energy and remove blocks to clarity, calm, and self-love for a well-balanced life.

What our guests are saying

  • The spa treatment is so relaxing and pampering. It also includes a flower bath that we can customize (perfect for the Instagram shots). Thank you Mahamaya Spa. I will definitely come back whenever I visit Bali again

    Stephanie, Google

  • We loved the daily yoga classes with Pabi, who was very sweet and an excellent instructor. Our foot massage and couples massage were both perfect and so relaxing

    Nicole Himes, Tripadvisor

  • The morning yoga classes gave the soul of Bali a real feeling! We rested very much in this place and we recommend it with all our heart! ❤️❤️❤️

    Dominika Wronowska, Tripadvisor

  • I had a hot stone massage at the spa and it was really lovely. So tranquil and relaxing. Its also next to a river which gives you beautiful sounds as natural background music!

    Carina, Google

  • We loved the yoga classes with Paby. She is a great yoga professional. We are from Spain and we have gone to some yoga classes that we did not like but the yoga classes with Paby have been great

    Paloma Fernández, Google

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