Authentic Balinese Activity

Melukat - Balinese Purification Ceremony

Derived from lukat, which means purify, Melukat aims to refine mind inside human body from the bad elements. This ceremony is mostly held after bad things happened to someone, like they got sick, had been in an accident, or merely feel restless.

Complimentary Morning Walk

Every day from 07.00 AM. “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day? -Henry David Thoreau. Start your awesome day by morning walking to the silungan village; it will be a good exercise and worth experience.

Daily Authentic Balinese Class

Every day from 03.00 PM Instead of just giving information in the picture, nyuh bali presents a wealth of activities that reflect the heritage traditions of a Balinese village. We invite you to experience how becoming a Balinese.