Market Tour and Private Balinese Cooking Lesson

Although it seems that Balinese cooking is complicated, in fact, it is not true, if you know the types of herbs you are going to use in the cooking and how to use them.

This learning adventure involves a visit to the local market, where our chef will share some information how to select the fresh ingredients you will need for cooking Balinese. Unlike the ordinary Balinese cooking class, we encourage you to use more ingredients that have health benefits for your body. You will be guided step by step to transform the ingredients into delicious, healthy Balinese food.

Get ready to surprise your friends by your ability in cooking Balinese. A certificate will be awarded to you at the end of the class. The class is also followed by a relaxing lunch eating your very own creations

Available at IDR 1.000.000 ++ for up to 2 people in private session.