Private Balinese Dance Class (120 mins)

More than just an art, Balinese dance is an integral part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese People. The dances usually tell a story, often an episode of a Hindu characterized by fighting off evil gods or demon. It is dynamic, precise, and intensely expressive. To dance, we need to use all parts of the body, including our faces, neck, eyes, and hand gestures. Our skilled teacher will gently guide you, as well explain the meaning behind the posture and gesture. Enjoy your first Balinese dance steps and get your friends surprised when you go back home.

Price Inclusion :

  • Welcome drink
  • Balinese Sarong
  • Homemade Balinese cookies
  • Certificate

Available at IDR 600,000++ for up to 2 people in private session.